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Mar 13, 2014

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Bromley Borough Directory

Welcome to Bromley Borough. Bromley is Londons biggest Borough and with over 300,000 residents and 30,000 businesses is a good place to find a local business. Bromley Borough is free to use for personal and business users. is interested to hear from anyone that has a few momnets to spare and would like to have articles, recipes, photos or anything published on We can't pay you but it it a great way to get involved with the Bromley community.


Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 21 September.

  1. great fire in NY

  2. 1st daily newspaper in US begins publication in Penn

  3. 1st French Republic declared

  4. 1st auto manufacturer opens -- Duryea Motor Wagon Company

  5. Yankee 1st baseman Hal Chase's 22 put outs ties the record

  6. 1st legal forward pass in Canadian senior football thrown (Calgary)

  7. Johann Ostermeyer patents his invention the flashbulb

  8. the nuclear submarine "Nautilus" is commissioned

  9. Yanks set dubious record stranding 20 men on base Mantle hits a 500 foot plus homer but Red Sox win 13-9 in Fenway

  10. Perry Mason premiers

  11. 1st airplane flight exceeding 1200 hours landed Dallas Texas

  12. Oriole knuckler Hoyt Wilhelm no hits Yankees 1-0

  13. Malta gains independence from Britain

  14. Monday Night Football on ABC premiers - Jets vs Browns

  15. John Lennon & Yoko Ono were Dick Cavett's only guest

  16. Diana Sands dies at 39

  17. US Mariner 10 makes second fly-by of Mercury

  18. Jaqueline Susann dies at 53

  19. Richard Todd of the Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record)

  20. Belize gains independence from Britain (National Day)

  21. Sandra Day O'Conner becomes the 1st female Supreme Court Justice

  22. Devils beat Rangers 3-2 in exhibition - 1st hockey in Meadowlands

  23. SF cable cars cease operations for 2 years of repairs



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September 2014

Latest Comments

Steve / Sep 15, 2014
Hi BOB thanks for this I will have some questions for you soon.

harrison / Mar 19, 2014
Some nice places for this weekend I think!

gary bodman / Mar 14, 2014
Another pointless waste of money by Bromley....


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