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Mar 13, 2014

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Bromley Borough Directory

Welcome to Bromley Borough. Bromley is Londons biggest Borough and with over 300,000 residents and 30,000 businesses is a good place to find a local business. Bromley Borough is free to use for personal and business users. is interested to hear from anyone that has a few momnets to spare and would like to have articles, recipes, photos or anything published on We can't pay you but it it a great way to get involved with the Bromley community.


Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 1 August.

  1. Everlasting League forms basis of Swiss Confederation (Nat'l Day)

  2. Swiss Confederation Day

  3. Lammas Day

  4. Caroline Herschel becomes 1st woman discoverer of a comet

  5. US Customs begins enforcing Tariff Act

  6. 1st US census

  7. Whiskey Rebellion

  8. Battle of Nile

  9. SF Methodists establish 1st black church Zion Methodist

  10. 1st voyage down Colorado River

  11. Colorado becomes 38th state

  12. US Quarantine Station authorized for Angel Island SF Bay

  13. Burial within SF City limits prohibited

  14. 1st coast-to-coast automobile trip (SF-NY) completed

  15. Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street SF

  16. Hawaii Natl Park established

  17. Pres Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission

  18. Guam Territory created

  19. Cal introduces it's Sales Tax (for Education)

  20. 1st coml building heated by sun Albuquerque NM

  21. 1st Class postage up to 4 cents (had been 3 cents for 26 years)

  22. Benin (Dahomey) gains independence from France

  23. New SF Hall of Justice opens

  24. Charles Whitman climbs U of Texas tower & shoots 12 dead

  25. CBS presents 6 Wives of Henry VIII

  26. Munson & Fisk get into a brawl at Fenway Park

  27. Helsinki Pact guaranteeing boundaries rights signed by 35 nations

  28. Billy Martin replaces Bill Virdon as manager

  29. MTV premiers



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August 2014

Latest Comments

harrison / Mar 19, 2014
Some nice places for this weekend I think!

gary bodman / Mar 14, 2014
Another pointless waste of money by Bromley....

samanatha erkin / Mar 14, 2014
Lovely - especially without mushrooms :)


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