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Mar 13, 2014

A blog about running


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Bromley Borough Directory

Welcome to Bromley Borough. Bromley is Londons biggest Borough and with over 300,000 residents and 30,000 businesses is a good place to find a local business. Bromley Borough is free to use for personal and business users. is interested to hear from anyone that has a few momnets to spare and would like to have articles, recipes, photos or anything published on We can't pay you but it it a great way to get involved with the Bromley community.


Today In History

Here are some interesting facts ih history happened on 23 July.

  1. Napoleon captures Alexandria Egypt.

  2. Robert Emmett's insurrection in Dublin.

  3. Typewriter patented

  4. 1st interment in US National Cemetary at Presidio

  5. Cincinatti Baseball club (The Reds) established

  6. 1st telephone & telegraph line in Hawaii is completed

  7. Ice cream cone invented

  8. Isolation of pituitary hormone announced

  9. US forces invaded japanese-held Tinian in WWII

  10. 1st (US Navy) air squadron of jets Quonset Point RI

  11. Monarchy overthrown in Egypt (National Day).

  12. PLO's 1st hijacking of an EL AL plane

  13. ERTS 1 (Earth Resources Technology Satellite) later called LANDSAT - launched to start its multi-spectral scans of Earth

  14. Soyuz 37 ferries 2 cosmonauts (1 Vietnamese) to Salyut 6.



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July 2014

Latest Comments

harrison / Mar 19, 2014
Some nice places for this weekend I think!

gary bodman / Mar 14, 2014
Another pointless waste of money by Bromley....

samanatha erkin / Mar 14, 2014
Lovely - especially without mushrooms :)


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